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Mrs Balaoura Olga has been working in management positions in the health care industry for several years. Her significant experience and expertise consist fundamental factors for the effective development and implementation of entrepreneurial plans and projects with a strategic perspective.

Her managerial positions have been of utmost importance for the development of new sustainable practices and the conduct of the formation and execution of a trustworthy policy for the management of the Hospital.

Mrs Balaoura Olga graduated from LSE with a master’s degree in Health Economics Policy and Management. She has been a World Health Organization advisor and a healthcare expert in the hospital management pillar for Giz (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) in the Health Reform and Support Program for health care in Greece. She has been working as a Chief Executive Officer of the Konstantopouleio Hospital of Athens and as a Ministerial Advisor for four years and a year ago she founded MedinMed.

MedinMed is your trusted partner in organising your trip to Greece from the selection of the doctor and hospital to your stay and itinerary in Greece. MedinMed works with Greece`s leading medical professionals, hotels and concierge services and creates unique packages that are adjusted to our customers’ individual needs and preferences.

Dr. Epaminondas Christopoulos qualified as a doctor in Medical School of University of Athens, Greece. Following the completion of his medical studies he extended his scientific field on cosmetic medicine and anti-ageing medicine in France and Belgium. During his work in public and private health sector, he had the opportunity to treat patients from all over the world.

Since 2007 he is responsible at “Aesthetic Anaplasis” (a reputable plastic surgery center in Athens, Greece) for the coordination and serving patients outside Athens. Wishing to provide a multitude of benefits to international patients, using his experience in medical tourism and his medical knowledge, Dr Christopoulos founded “Med Elite”, a company dedicated to provide elite medical services to medical travelers for any kind of health issue. By using a network of elite, field experts, Med Elite aims to help medical tourists to get access to personalized, top quality medical services. Willing to master a holistic approach to his health tourism customers, he underwent postgraduate studies in this special field. Therefore, he followed the International Medical Tourism Facilitators Training Program.

Dr. Christopoulos is a member of the Athens Medical Association (I.S.A.) and the World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM). He is also a Founding Associate member of the Greek Nutritional Society. He speaks English, Italian, French and Greek.

Mrs Elda Georgara is the Client Service and Marketing Manager of the Research and Therapeutic Eye Institute “Ophthalmos”. She graduated from UCL with a bachelor’s degree in economics and from LSE with a master’s degree in management. She speaks English and French. She has experience in advertising and marketing, and had run her own company with handmade decorative items. She is raising three kids.

In 2014 she joined Ophthalmos institute, which is one of the leading and most well known Eye care centers worldwide. She is in charge of the company’s communication and advertising strategy. The institute’s president Professor S. Georgaras’ worldwide reputation, the high end technological equipment and the application of the most advanced techniques in the field of ophthalmology in Ophthalmos, motivated her to follow the international Medical Tourism Facilitators training program.

As an accredited Medical Tourism Coordinator Executive her intention is to promote Ophthalmos exceptional medical eye services to international patients and facilitate them in combining unique vacations in Greece with high end eye therapies.

Mrs Maria Gioti was born in 1969 in Cephalonia, Greece. She has an extensive experience of 23 years in private health industry. She worked for Diagnostic Centers, Private clinics and Rehabilitation Centers. Her job includes sales visits, maintaining accurate records, negotiating contracts with insurance companies, as well as approaching potential customers with the aim of winning new business.

She attended and completed the Executive Diploma in Healthcare Management. She can speak English, French and Italian. She has also attended annual certified seminars on Administration and Management of Health Facilities, Sales & Marketing.

She works at Sales Department of FILOKTITIS Medical Rehabilitation Center, member of IASO- Group of Companies.

Mrs Martina Kalokairinou was born in 1988 in Athens. She graduated from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, with a bachelor degree in Economic and Regional Development.

During her studies she organized and participated in many seminars concerning the regional development and how we can use important tools, such as tourism, to develop our regions. Furthermore, she was chosen among all Greeks because of her entrepreneurial spirit for a European voluntary internship program in a big company in Greece. She can speak Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Since tourism and its alternative forms have always been within her interests, she currently works in a travel agency taking care of reservations, excursions and generally of whatever comes with the idea of an unforgettable and pleasant stay of any traveler.

Mr Petros Karaminas is the co-owner and general manager of the nursing home “ELIA” in Athens. He graduated from National Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a bachelor degree in Communication and Media Studies and then he underwent postgraduate studies in the field of Marketing in Univeristy of Nottingham, UK.

He has also extensive experience in real estate development and one of the last projects is the construction and running of a tourist villa especially designed to accommodate medical and wellness visitors in Athens.

He has also attended annual certified seminars on “Administration and Management of Health Facilities” and “Financing and Business administration” from National Kapodistrian University of Athens e-learning programmes.

Mr John Kazoglou was born in 1983 in Athens, Greece. Currently, he works as an employee at the International Patient’s & Insurance Department (I.P.D.) at IASO GENERAL HOSPITAL in Athens. His main objectives are to develop excellent relations with and provide services of highest quality to the hospital’s international (as well as national) patients during their hospitalization or One-day Clinic care at IASO GENERAL.

Furthermore, considering the Insurance division, his is entitled to communicate with international/ national Insurance companies and Organisations so as the latter proceed to the coverage of the patients’ expenses. In general, his position at the I.P.Department serves as a liaison among patients, doctors, insurance companies and the hospital stuff.

Regarding his education, following the completion of his Bachelor degree in Social Policy & Social Anthropology at the Panteion University of Social and Political Studies, he underwent postgraduate studies in the field of International & European Relations in the University of Piraeus. He served as a legitimate researcher/ author in the sector of Energy, Economy and Environment at the Centre of Russia, Eurasia and South-east Europe (CERE), entailed in the International Relations Institute (I.I.R.) of Athens/ Greece.

As an accredited Medical Tourism Coordinator Executive by the Q Certification H&R Ltd, he aims to widen his horizons in the fields of Medical & Health Tourism with the most promising market of Greece as a starting point and reaching out the far edge of the world. He speaks English, French, German, Russian and Greek.

Mrs Tzortzaki Theodora is the Public Relation Manager of DIAPLASIS rehabilitation center located in Kalamata, Greece.

She was born in 1989 in Athens. She graduated from TEI of Athens with a bachelor degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management.She attended seminars for the potentials of medical tourism and the hospitality section .She can speak english, spanish and french.

Becoming a certified medical tourism executive coordinator gave her the potentials to promote DIAPLASIS rehabilitation center as a unique destination for international patients,combining the highest quality services in rehabilitation with carefree-restful vacation in sunny Greece.